Lessons I Learned This Summer

lessons i learned this summer hot girl summer swimsuit sprinklers
Wearing: Smocked One Piece Swimsuit from Dear Lover (only $7! I’m wearing size M)

I took a break from Wise Soul and my social media over the summer, because I’ll be honest, it was hell. Some called it Hot Girl Summer, it was Hot Girl Hell for me 😉 As I always love to learn from my failures and just reflect on seasons, here are some lessons I learned this summer.

Lessons I Learned This Summer

Listen to your intuition. 

Checking in with your body and understanding what it’s telling you is a true art. You have to practice at it and check in every day with it.

Slow down.  

Don’t make rash decisions. Leave room for excitement and fun. Be patient as you work towards your end goal. Just because your dream isn’t happening today, doesn’t mean there isn’t goodness right here.

Escaping your problems will never fix them. Staying and feeling them does. 

Take it from the escape artist herself. I’ve done some crazy town things to not deal with my problems (like jetting off to a foreign country with a stranger, dating someone old enough to be my dad, living a double life, hiding away, etc.) As much as I wanted to escape my feels this year, I stayed put and felt my emotions. And it was not easy, but I am actually seeing progress and breakthroughs, instead of having to do damage control after making messes with my escaping.

Lessons I Learned This Summer blue dress
Wearing: Sky Blue Natural Beauty Dress  (only $7! wearing size M)

A morning routine can change your day. 

I’ve never been one for routines. I am too much of a free spirit. But I started realizing I needed some constants, some consistency, and some things to get done, son! And it’s best to get it done at the beginning of the day. I’m still working out the kinks, but I’ve begun to have a good routine in the mornings and it feels good!

Self-discipline is one of the best muscles to build. 

Hard, but so worth it. It is a daily practice, but working on that willpower makes you feel a million times more empowered and stronger.

In the face of failure and regret, you need self-compassion. 

Instead of chopping away at yourself, comfort yourself. Soothe yourself. Hating on yourself only makes everything worse. Take your own side.

Lessons I Learned This Summer smocked top
Wearing: Yellow Summer Cropped Cami (only $6, wearing size M) + Rattan Bag (on sale for $49) from Amerii

Living your life defined by other people’s judgements isn’t your life at all. 

Whew, child don’t I believe it! Just do whatever the freak you want. Wear what you want. Say what you want. Be who you want. And people will talk and judge you. And you have to let it go.

There will be sucky weeks, and sucky months. And that’s okay.

I’ve learned that, for some reason, my summers tend to really suck. I look forward to fall (my favorite season) with the hope of better days, checking off goals, and living my “best life” every single day.

I’ve got some exciting things up my sleeve. They’re super scary to pursue, but it feels right.

What did you learn from this summer? And, better yet, where will fall take you?


All outfits are from Dear Lover, a wholesale women’s clothing store I am beyond obsessed with.


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