Let Go of What Other People Think About You in 3 Steps

Let Go of What Other People Think About You in 3 Steps

How much time are you wasting worrying about what everyone is thinking about you? Think of all of the ways you’re not showing up in the world because you care too much about how you’re perceived. You might be saying less, dressing differently, holding back your gifts, fading into the background because you fear what others will say. Let’s put an end to this, because you deserve to live a life on your terms! Here are my 3 simple steps to let go of what other people think about you.

Let Go of What Other People Think About You in 3 Steps

1. Listen to my curated playlist of empowering songs that remind you that what they think doesn’t matter.

I made this playlist to remind you of your own voice and feel good about leaving their opinions behind. You’ll feel uplifted, sassy and safe to be you while listening to this. There’s almost 5 hours of songs, so I’m sure you’ll find a few you love!

Dance to these songs, while you embody your authentic and unique self, and you will start to feel a difference in your belief in yourself and being able to drown out the naysayers. Sing along and shout it from the rooftops!

2. Do EFT Tapping to let it out.

This is like acupuncture without the needles. You tap on meridians on your body as you speak to release your fears and bring in the positive belief you want to have. Sounds weird? Just try it. I thought it was until I saw the unbelievable changes in my life. This video by Gala Darling is on this exact topic, and will instantly release your cares on others’ opinions of you.

3. Use the Release Guided Journal to let it go once and for all.

I created the Release Guided Journal for the exact purpose of letting go of what other people think about you. It’s a digital download PDF that you can print or fill out on your computer filled with 50 questions and a few action steps to integrate the change. What I love about it, is that you get all of these negative labels and beliefs filling your mind, and then you can let it go. After that, I guide you through deciding how you want to see yourself without others’ input. You can purchase it for $12 here!

These simple steps are exactly what I have used to recognize my inherent worth and feel freed from the weight of others’ opinions. I know it will do the same for you too! Try out at least one of these suggestions and take note of the difference it makes.


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