let’s give this a try.

Well, it’s been many months since I’ve posted. I didn’t really have the motivation or time. 2012 has has had a great start. I’ll tell you in a nutshell and then show some pictures.
I’ve modeled, been to show choir competitions where we got 1st runner up and then more recently GRAND CHAMPION! (Such an accomplishment for my choir), I won, at one of these competitions, best female soloist (which I had never dreamed of winning) and received a scholarship to a show choir camp in Ohio this summer, been told I should study opera (which I may do once I go to college), had some fun times with this guy.. :), etc.
Now I’m on spring break and me and mom are in Oklahoma helping my aunt with her landscaping. Three days, seven hours each day. Quite something I’ve never done before! It’s fun! I got to catch up with an old friend, too.
 My modeling gig! (Erika Chambers)

Back porch picture of the day weeks ago.
The night before show choir competition with my friends in Alabama.
A lot of hearts for Valentine’s.
I heart attacked a guy for VDay.
I tried out Russian (he speaks it). It translated so wrong! It means “Happy Day, Holy Valentine!” Fail.
Me singing my solo for show choir at the Belmont competition (when I won!)
After church, shivering. (My feet look super white)
Yesterday after hours of working landscaping (of course in my swimsuit)!

The cutest dress! I love purple!

I am going to post more. I’ve got some exciting things coming up,
I’m in Footloose the musical at school, I’ve got some modeling jobs
coming up (who knew, right?), more show choir, the ACT (blahhh), prom,


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