Mint to Be

photos by Hilary McKinnon

Sweater: Target

Button-Up: LC Lauren Conrad
Jeans: American Eagle
Heels: Betsey Johnson
In my soul-searching quest, I’ve realized how skewed my thinking is; of myself, of the world around me, and what others think of me. I decided it was time to stop feeding myself limiting beliefs for breakfast. I made that decision at the beginning of the week, and so far, it’s been really nice. I’m letting go of thinking people think the worst of me, and just letting myself be me. Exhale. I hope you can try it too.
That is why I wore this girly/preppy combo. As I got dressed in it, I felt like I was betraying my style. Then I remembered, my style is defined by whom? ME. So, yeah, if I wanna wear it, I am going to. I definitely still lean to the earthy styles, but sometimes I wanna be girly, especially after building Hot Commodesty for hours on end every day. I’m making it girly intentionally. I didn’t realize it would influence me to expand my style borders. I think it’s a good thing, though. Who wants to be predictable, right?

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  1. My style is all over the place because I love so many different things! I think you look amazing! And, who looks as good in white skinny jeans as you do? You're rockin' them!