Pass Me The Mustard

mustard print dress
boho mustard dress
yellow wall provo
mustard and turqouise
walk this way
bohemian print mustard dress hope ave.
mustard on mustard
pretty mustard modest dress
girl wearing man bun
lucky brand turqouise necklace

Dijon, honey, or plain? And where do you add your mustard? Hot dogs? Corn dogs? Your burger? Or maybe you’re just crazy and put it on everything. If it were me, I’d say plain on corn dogs. Man, this is making me hungry. But the question that I really must ask is…are you a fan of wearing mustard? Whether it’s a stain on your white shirt at the baseball game or mustard-colored pants, or a pretty mustard dress like I’ve worn here?

I suggest you try out a little mustard in your closet. It’s a more subtle and suitable yellow and it just makes you want a hot dog, right?  I challenge you to try out a little more color in general in your closet. Don’t be afraid to stand out and make a statement.

I think I’m done wondering what every single person on this planet is thinking of how I’m doing my hair or what crazy outfit I’m wearing. I think of Gwen Stefani singing, “It’s my life! Don’t you forget.” I think it’s time we all start being un-aplogetically ourselves. Sound good?

Speaking of mustard, here’s a video of me squirting it in my face. 😆

This is a depressed hot dog music video I created in high school. 🌭 Oh yeahhhh. They told me I was the best depressed hot dog they’d ever seen. You be the judge.

Be colorful. Be weird. But most of all, be you.

hugs + loves,


Dress: Hope Ave. (similar) | Necklace: Lucky Brand (similar) | Earrings: Threadsence | Boots: ZooShoo (similar)

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  1. This color looks amazing on you! And I agree, it's a wonderfully refreshing shade to have in your closet. I think I only have one piece, but hey! It's a start.