No-Fuss Beauty Essentials for the Low Maintenance Girl

No-Fuss Beauty Essentials for the Low Maintenance Girl

You want to look good, but not put in tons of effort. I’m completely the same. Pull off the glow and “I woke up like this” tousled look that people will envy with these products.  Take 10 minutes to get ready and still have peoples jaws dropping wondering how you could look so good. Here are the no-fuss beauty essentials for the low maintenance girl.

No-Fuss Beauty Essentials for the Low Maintenance Girl

What to wash your face with, what to put in your hair to keep it wavy yet put together, to a fresh tan that will give you a year-round glow. 

Get the glow with a highlighter that keeps you dewy.
For the day 5, still killin it hair, I use Batiste to keep my locks voluminous and oil-free.
Lashes that turn heads? Easy. This $5 mascara is a game changer.
Flawless but barely there makeup, try this tinted moisturizer.
Where are your wrinkles? Gone baby gone with Estee Lauder’s top rated Advanced Night Repair Serum that you sink into your pores with a Jade Roller.
For the love of taking off your makeup in bed, I used Neutrogena’s makeup remover wipes that get off even waterproof makeup!
That golden glow without the carrot look with Loving Tan. I use it once every 10 days with their applicator mitt to look warm and tan.


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