paired with a smile.

 (top-vintage, skirt-Anthropologie, wedges-Urban Outfitters)
You can’t see, but there are little dots on my shirt, making it uber cuter!
 (sweater-courtesy of, buttonup- vintage, jeans-daisy fuentes, shoes-steve madden)
Insert southern accent: “Mamma, I stole your jeans!” I actually didn’t. They’re mine. I always feel extremely uncomfortable in them though. I look so tall!
I’ve been so insecure about my nose for the longest time! Now, I’m pretty much ok with it. Just get me at the right angles, and I’m cool.
Guys! I’ve realized I’ve been so one sided lately. I’m like here’s my outfit-later. That’s so not me! I need to talk about my SO interesting life (sarcasm) and stuff. I’ve been boring and I apologize.
Soon, my friends I’ll be getting a DSLR and I’m counting the days. Due to my editing skills (not saying that I’m amazing; far from it) my pictures turn out semi-good, but with a professional camera, it’s just so much better. I’m getting the camera as a reward for helping along my family’s blog. 
 If you could go check it out, that would be awesome! 
It’s just about essential oils and alternative healing. We aren’t freaks or anything; they work.
 I did a post on yummy brownies made with peppermint oil (peppermint extract). And then I made a smoothie with an oil that helps your metabolism and decreases hunger. Please check it out!

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