What if you could…

Let go of what other people think of you & demolish your limiting beliefs?

These are serious blocks holding you back from being the most YOU. That’s why I created the Release Guided Journal!

Is this you?

  • What other people say or think about you constantly circles around in your mind.
  • You can’t help the negative talk in your head, telling you how you aren’t good enough or you aren’t worthy of anything.
  • You define yourself by how other people perceive you.

You’re experiencing this problem because…

01. You’ve been taught that your worth comes from others

We live in a world of likes and shares, and the ability for anyone and everyone to comment their thoughts on everything at all times, even if you didn’t ask for an opinion. Worth seems like it’s measurable now in number of followers, number of comments, or replies. Even the people in your non-digital life always have something to say, and it’s shaped your entire perception of yourself.

02. You’ve put others’ opinions above your own

With all the noise, you can’t help but listen, and there is a lot that is negative. When you hear it all of the time, you start to accept it as the truth, instead of listening to your inner voice of what you know to be true.

03. You don’t have a clear foundation of who you are

Though they may be well intentioned, everyone’s thoughts about who you are, what you’re good at, what you should be doing, make you spiral when it comes to actually figuring out what’s best for you. If you had a clear understanding of who you are and who you are not, what they say wouldn’t affect you as much.


Release the past, no longer be affected by other people and feel confident in who you are and what you’re capable of.

This guided journal asks you questions to help you get to the bottom of the problems. It asks you to take a look at yourself, to see the good and the bad. It asks you questions that will help you reframe how you see yourself and how much you let others impact you. 

As a result, wake up no longer weighed down by who people say you are. Imagine just being you, and feeling so excited to embark on whatever feels right for you, regardless of what other people think! This is possible with the Release Digital Guided Journal.

I have just what you need



This journal will help you dive into your intuition and learn how to be able to tap into your inner wisdom, and drown out the noise of naysayers, your negative thoughts, and outdated versions of yourself.

  • You like answering questions!
  • You are ready to remove the things in your life that are holding you back.
  • You want the process of letting go to be fun and simple!
  • You want confidence in knowing who you are and who you are NOT.

Plus, you get these Bonuses!

The Release Ritual

This is like throwing a party to say adios to your limiting beliefs, labels from other people and major negativity! It’s not witchy in any way, it’s just a few action steps to fully integrate the process of Letting Go!

The Let Go of What Other People Think Playlist

Hours of glorious songs that make you feel untouchable, reminding you that you can live life minding your business, unbothered by what anyone else thinks about you. Listening to these songs gives you an amazing confidence boost!

The Label Maker

Finally, the Label Maker are my Pre-Made Templates for you to create your new labels you want to use to define who you are! The templates are on Canva (a free & easy program) where you can simply add in your new mantras and labels and print them out or use them as your wallpaper!



I’m a personal transformation coach who has learned the power of removing others’ authority over you, for good. I want to help you do the same!

How it Works


Receive the PDF

Once you checkout, you’ll get immediate access to download the Release Guided Journal in Digital PDF format! You can fill it out just on your computer or print it out and write.


Divided into 4 sections

Next, you’ll embark on the journey of letting that sh*t go! The journal is divided into 4 sections so that you can easily work at your own pace, completing each section in no time!


bonus action steps

In addition, there are suggested ways to fully integrate the Release, by taking action physically. These steps are lots of fun, very cathartic, and will catapult you to where you want to be!


The Release Guided Journal helped me realize that I didn’t need anyone else’s opinions of me to exist!

Working through the journal, and using the action steps, I realized just how many lies and inaccuracies I had been listening to about myself! Working through this process, I’ve been able to realize just exactly who I am and what I want to believe about myself. Thank you for helping me let go of what everyone else thought of me! I didn’t realize how much it was weighing me down!



Cleanse your mind from other people’s negativity, remove the “should’s” and find your voice, find freedom from your past..

  • Discover what YOU think about you!
  • Put all of your labels and limiting beliefs down on the page and dissect them.
  • Be able to release your past and outdated beliefs so they no longer weigh you down.
  • Finally create positive beliefs and ways you want to see yourself.

frequently asked questions

You could finish the entire journal in just a few hours if you really wanted to put the work in. I would suggest doing it over the course of a few days or a week to be able to ponder the questions, and fully integrate releasing the things holding you back. At the end of the day, it’s up to you! You can do it at your own pace.

Other guided journals that you’ll find at the store usually just ask questions and don’t lead you to a final solution. They often don’t go very deep either. With the Release Guided Journal, you’re led to overcoming and letting go of the labels and limiting beliefs using the action steps, list builders and Release Ritual. You’re led to some deeper questions and solutions to resolve the problem, instead of sitting in it. I consider my guided journals to be mini courses.

This is not for you if you don’t like writing, taking time to focus inward, don’t want to change, or do the work to change. This is a simple, laid out process, but the actual process of change is up to you and your willingness to do the work. I hope you’ll take the time to do it because it will have long-lasting benefits on your life and mental health.

Due to the nature of the journal being a digital product, and it being unable to be returned, refunds are not available at this time.

The Release Guided Journal
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BONUS: Release Ritual
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