Romantic Bohemian

romantic-bohemianSo glad that nature is blooming again!
I’m loving the “new boho” trend right now. It’s so easy and clean and romantic. Here is my interpretation of it with carefree waves, a breezy cutout white top, a denim button down maxi, and gladiator sandals, all trending this spring.

top: Free People, dress: Free People, bag: ShopRuche, sandals: Steve Madden
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This maxi is actually a spaghetti-strap dress. To make it modest I added this top over it. The top has cinching to bring it higher on my waist, making it seem more like a skirt + shirt. If something is cute but not totally modest, there is 90% of the time a way to wear it with an additional item.I’m often told before going places that I need to dress down, which, to be honest, is so hard for me! I was raised by a mother who always had her face on and always was dressed nice…and I fell in her footsteps. It’s a blessing and a curse. The bright side: I’m always prepared to run into someone and my confidence is higher. The downside: people may think I’m materialistic or condescending. The entire reason I started this blog when I was 14 was to get out of my gross hoodie-and-jeans days. Now, I can’t get back in least not a hoodie. I am on the search for cute but super casual clothes, so my friends don’t always have to tell me to dress down. The thing of it is, I feel just as comfortable in this outfit as sweats and a hoodie. It’s flawy, unconstricted, and cute. Win win if you ask me. As the temperatures rise, all I reach for to wear are dresses and skirts.


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