13 Fun Things to Do For the Last 6 Weeks of Winter

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Me & Punxatawney Phil are in sync. We both saw our shadows today, and again, it looks like we’ve got 6 more weeks of winter. Insert groans. Spring, come soon! Keep reading to learn fun winter activities to do while holding out for spring.

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  1. Go to ice caves
  2. Go on a hot chocolate run and explore your town
  3. Get to the gym and get working on your summer bod
  4. Go to a vintage shop and try on all of their funky fur coats
  5. Rent a puppy or go to a puppy barn
  6. Spend some time in your local coffee shop. You’ll make connections and get out of the house.
  7. Create a vision board
  8. Go to a gas station and try some new goodies
  9. Take the 16 Personalities Quiz and become more self-aware
  10. Go to Dollar Tree with friends and see who can pick out the best stuff for under $5
  11. Hand-make your favorite people Valentine’s cards

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fun winter activities blind shadows moody portrait feminine
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Don’t let winter get you down. We can do this!


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