Personal Styling

Build your confidence and your wardrobe.

What is personal styling? It includes a full makeover of your closet, your look, and how you see yourself.

Get confident in who you are with what you wear.

What does personal styling with me look like?

  • Can be done in person or over the internet
  • Can be full closet rehab or one outfit for an event
  • Find styles that are you and that make you feel like a million bucks
  • Stay within your budget (I don’t believe being stylish should break the bank)
  • Create endless outfit combinations with what you already have
mckenzie truman personal stylist in utahAbout Me

I’m McKenzie. I’m a personal stylist in Utah that can work remotely or come to you.

I’ve always been known as the fashionista since high school. It turned into people asking for advice and bringing me into their closets, piecing outfits together. From there, we went shopping and just like that, word got out, and I started styling more than just my friends. I discovered that I loved helping people find their confidence and style, and that is what I wanted to focus on. I’ve been a stylist and buyer for clothing companies, such as Lime Ricki Swimwear and Hot Commodesty. Want to see some of my work? You can check out my styling tips articles.

My specialties:
  • Finding affordable pieces that look high end.
  • Fit specialist. I’ve worked with women of all sizes for styling so I can quickly decipher what styles will look the best on you and work for your body rather than against it.
  • Finding essential pieces with a mix of a few statements.

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