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    Sometimes, we just need quick help, guidance, support, encouragement, an answer, a sign. Write in a question you have or any advice you’re seeking, and I will respond with a fortune cookie paper of wisdom. I will also expand beyond the fortune cookie, if needed.

    Please note: This is a digital graphic of a fortune cookie with advice from me, not a real fortune cookie. You will be asked to email me your question or story, and I will respond with your Fortune within 48 hours!

  • release labels guided journal let go of limiting beliefs

    Release Labels Guided Journal


    Do you ever feel like how people label you defines you? And you just want to remove all of the things they’ve told you that are circling around in your head and make them not have power over you anymore?

    The Release Labels Guided Journal is for that exact purpose: To put all of the labels and limiting beliefs down on the page and dissect them, and then be able to release them so they no longer weigh you down.


    • 47 Page Guided Journal Digital PDF
    • Over 50 Questions, 4 Sections
    • Includes 4 Action Bonuses to Fully Integrate Letting Go
      1. Guided Steps to Hold Boundaries
      2. Welcome Better People Into Your Life
      3. Release Ritual: The Ultimate Experience to Free You
      4. Label Maker: Pre-Made Pretty Templates to Write Your New Beliefs On