Sundance in the Snow

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exploring sundance in the winter
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exploring sundance resort
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bohemian winter

I love going to Sundance at any time of the year. My favorite is probably fall cause of all the leaves changing. 🍁 I had never really explored when snow was on the ground so it was exciting to see! It did not disappoint. The views were epic and serene. We chatted with friendly skiers and danced around to fight off the chill.

I skied for my first time last January. It was at night at Sundance. I was with some friends and was wayy out of my comfort zone. I am a klutz and I don’t do sports very well.(You should’ve seen me biff it on some ice last night in my parking lot. It was a good 15 seconds of me slipping while 7 people watched and tried not to laugh.) ANYWAYS, back to skiing. I learned how to pizza πŸ• on the bunny 🐰 hills, fell down about 10 times, and crashed into my ski instructor. Haha. You can pretty much say I was a natural. 😏 Maybe one day I will muster up the courage to get back out there, but until then, pretty pictures in the snow is about all I’m good for.

Thanks to my girl Elizabeth for humoring me in the cold and exploring with me.

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