Can We Just Take A Moment to Be Proud of Ourselves?

be proud of yourself portrait in mountains sundance lady in red

Are you struggling to feel proud of yourself?

be proud of yourself portrait sitting in mountain road winter

Is it just me or does it seem like getting wrapped up in negativity and feeling like what we’re offering to the world is never enough, is a constant part of life? The moment you feel up, something knocks you right back down, and says, you really think you’re good? Really??

I got to the chapter in my 52 Lists for Happiness Journal where I was asked to write down the things I’m most proud of that I’ve accomplished. And I just sat and stared at the page, thinking that I wasn’t proud at all. Thankfully, I had my boyfriend by my side to go, “uh…what about this? And that? And hello! McKenzie! You’re insane if you can’t remember anything!”


All I could think of was what I had done wrong. I had no focus on the good whatsoever. I was thinking myself into a negative, non-successful spiral that led nowhere.
be proud of yourself happy portrait winter sundance

 So, first things first: FOCUS ON THE GOOD.

The good little moments that keep happening to you. Those good things you bring to this world. The good things about you.

And remember all of the amazing things you have done and you are doing. It’s time to clap for yourself. 👏 Pat yourself on the back because you are doing AMAZING. You’ve made it this far, and yes, you’ve got far to go, but Man, it’s going to be an exciting journey on the way.

be proud of yourself lady in red portrait sundance winter mountains

Stop getting caught up in where you aren’t, and appreciate where you are.

Love where you are, even while you work towards a better tomorrow.

Be proud of what you’ve done.

What you’ve learned. Who you are. And then the things you’re not so proud of? Write them down and get to work. No comparisons to anyone else, just your past self and who you’re becoming. The world doesn’t like a pity party, so focus on the good and create more of it.

be proud of yourself sitting in road portrait
I’m proud of you. And you should be proud of yourself too. 🎉 Listen to Private Party by India Arie to get in the spirit. Celebrate yourself and your amazing achievements. Cause that’s what you are: Amazing.


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