The Best Things to Wear for Valentine’s Day

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Need some help finding what to wear for Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day seems like a holiday we either love or hate, depending on our relationship status. 😋 The thing I love most are the arts and crafts, and the feeling of love in the air. I’m such a peacemaker at heart, that when love is on the menu for the day, I’m stoked. I love getting all dolled up for Valentine’s even if I have no date to go on. It’s just a celebration of life, love, and the color red, right? Are you at a loss on what to wear for Valentine’s Day? Whether you’ve got no plans, dinner plans, or something in between, here are the best things I’ve found to wear this Valentine’s day (or this month)!



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Reds, pinks, luscious velvet, wrap dresses, polka dots, ruffles, just about everything feminine. Those are the best things to wear for Valentine’s Day. I always daydream about romantic getaways for Valentine’s, whether it’s to the South of France or a late-night Jazz club, a gondola ride in Venice or a backroad adventure in a pickup truck in Tennessee, a candlelit dinner for two in the middle of a field or a rooftop cityscape with lights all around us. I told you I was a romantic. ♥ But even then, this year my guy won’t be with me for Valentine’s, so it won’t be anything grandiose. All of those amazing romantic excursions mean nothing if you don’t have someone you love beside you. Even just staying in and talking is enough of a Valentine’s for me. What’s your perfect Valentine’s Day? Tell me below!




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