The Escape You Need is Not By Plane, Train or Car

Feeling antsy? Like you just need to get away? Your world is overwhelming and you just want to escape for a bit? Take it from a fellow escape artist, I’ve done some drastic things to escape my reality. I tried jetting off to a foreign country with a stranger, denied my feelings that something was wrong until it finally blew up in my face, and I created a secret, double life. Now, I could have saved myself a lot of stress, heartache, and time if I had just realized that an escape wasn’t the answer. If you feel you need to escape from your life, that means it’s time to really dig into your problems and sort them out. So I’m here to share with you how to deal with the problems before you instead of checking out of your reality.

This is The Escape You Need


−Go for a Drive

Go for a solo car ride with no destination in mind, just the goal of being able to sort out your thoughts.



Run to let out all of your emotions. Sprint until you can’t catch your breath, and then slow to a walk to see what’s around you. This will help ground you and make you more present and in the moment.


−Listen to Songs That Portray What You’re Feeling

When you’re feeling a certain way, don’t try to pretend those feelings aren’t there. Embrace those feelings in the moment. Listen to songs that evoke that emotion. Blast it. You’ll be able to heal so much faster if you feel your feelings presently instead of pushing them away.



You aren’t stronger if you hold back your tears. You’re actually making yourself weaker. Don’t neglect your feelings and your innermost insecurities. Let the tears flow and feel the pain.

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−Punch a Pillow or Take A Boxing Class

Sometimes, we have pent up feelings that need to be released in a healthy way. Take your problems out on a pillow, or get in fighting shape by taking a boxing class (here’s a free 15 minute boxing video) and experience the high of working out and letting out your frustrations.


−Write Down Everything On Your Mind

Get all of your thoughts out on paper. This is called a brain dump. There doesn’t need to be any structure, just purely your thoughts leaving your mind and coming down on paper where you can sort through them.


−Write Things You Need to Let Go Of

What have you been holding on to that you need to let go? Expectations? Bitter memories? Situations out of your control? Things not working out? Write out every charged emotion and memory you have, and then simply choose to let it go. Burn the page or crumble it up and toss it in the trash. Say, “I release what I cannot change.


−Write Down Who You Should Forgive

People have hurt you. They’ve let you down. Maybe they seem to have forgotten about you. Write everything they did to you. And then forgive them.

Now, here’s one that’s even harder. Forgive yourself. For putting up with things you didn’t deserve, for not respecting yourself, for not standing up for yourself, for treating yourself lesser than others. Look in the mirror and say, “It’s okay. I forgive you. I am whole. I am enough.”

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−Take a Day Off

Do exactly what you want to do. Plan the perfect staycation. If that means watching old reruns and laying in bed all day, do it. 80-90% of the time, we should be productive and responsible, but that other 10-20%? Just relax and do you. A little R&R can do wonders and help you be able to jump back into your life.


−Sit, Breathe, and Just Bask in the Silence of You & Your Thoughts

No phone, no distractions. Just you. It can be scary because you will have to deal with things you’ve probably been pushing away. Take this time to regroup, reflect, and hear what your gut has to say. You could discover something or be inspired or be able to figure out what is the best thing for you. Listen.


−Decide What You Need to Fix the Problems & Go Take Care of It

This is where action comes in. You might have to practice using some extra willpower instead of procrastination. What do you need to do to fix your reality so you won’t want to escape from it? Only you know the answer of what needs to change. Don’t deny it anymore. Decide your action plan and make that change.

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−Draw A Line & Close the Chapter

Just like letting go, sometimes it is literally just drawing a line and moving on. Don’t let anything bother you anymore. Nothing can control you unless you let it, so allow yourself to move on and be free so that you don’t need an escape.


Deal with your demons. Then there won’t be a need to escape.

You don’t need a plane to transport you to a better life. The good life is here, you just have to make sure you do everything in your power to see it that way and make it that way.

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