The Key to Feeling Grateful

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It’s time to start thinking about what we are grateful for. And honestly, it can be hard sometimes to be feeling grateful. It seems we live in a world that constantly focuses on what we don’t have. Sure, we should hustle and always be trying to better ourselves, but why can’t we also be content with what we have and where we are right now?

One thing I’ve learned over the past month, is that I am awful at living in the moment. I focus too much on what I should have done, what I need to do, and daydream about what my life will be like in the future. But what about right now? Do I just breeze through waiting for my exciting tomorrows? No. I’ve worried too much about how each decision I make affects my future. Though valid to think about, I started walking on eggshells just to make sure every decision I made was perfect. What kind of life is that? Mistakes are okay. And in one of my favorite movies, Before We Go, Alice Eve says, “I don’t need to know my future. I’m going to live it anyway.” So yeah, we can plan and make goals, but why not let it be for the moment?

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So here’s my challenge to you:

  1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out.
  2. Do it a few more times. You’ll feel instantly more relaxed and centered.
  3. Then, open your eyes and soak up where you are right now. This moment won’t ever be back.
  4. Look around you and decide to see and feel everything right now and for each moment for the rest of the day, rest of the week, rest of however long you decide.

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Feel the sucky moments, for they will pass even quicker if you trudge through them.
Feel the sun on your skin as you walk through a brisk autumn day.
Feel the love from others who smile at you as they pass by, from the ones who call you to ask how you are.
Feel the strength in your body as you rise out of your bed in the morning. A tiny triumph.
Feel the grind of your job and make the most of each moment by completing your tasks.
Feel gratitude for the clothes on your back, the food on your table, the parking spot that’s a little too far from the store but it’s okay because you have legs that work.

Feeling grateful isn’t rocket science. It just takes a change in your mindset.

boho fall look american eagleTake a breath and realize you can let your life pass by feeling like it’s never enough, or you can feel like everything you are and everything you have right now is enough.

L  I  V  E     I  N    T  H  E     M  O  M  E  N  T

There is magic in every second if you’re looking. 💫 PHOTOS BY KAYLA BERTAGNOLLI


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