The One Thing You Need to Instantly Look Chic

The One Thing You Need to Instantly Look Chic

When you’re running out the door in the morning, utterly disheveled, and you’re hoping you can somehow save your look, this is the one thing you need to instantly look chic & take away the drab.


You just instantly look cooler with sunnies. (See photo above) I’m sure I looked okay that day, but the moment I put on those very trendy sunglasses, it took me to the next level.

The One Thing You Need to Instantly Look Chic

Sunglasses You Need to Instantly Look Chic

Trust me, it’s okay that you’re not put together all of the time. I’ll throw a pair of sunnies on, or if I’ll be staying inside, maybe just a hat. The hat totally makes me look put together, even thought I barely spent 10 minutes getting ready. I’m all about that! I’m a low maintenance beauty girl who digs getting dressed up. The accessories make or break your look, so don’t take them lightly.

 In conclusion, you might stare at Instagram all day and wonder what sets those “cool girls” apart. Sometimes it’s the filter. A lot of the time, they are wearing uber chic sunglasses. Check out my some of my favorite gals who often wear sunglasses in their posts. Halley from The Salty Blonde & Blair from Atlantic Pacific pictured below. Not because they aren’t gorgeous, but it just completes the look! Get you some and get on the town girl. You are unstoppable!

What’s your finishing piece for your outfits?


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