Time Table

 {wrap-festival find, top-american rag, jeans-daisy fuentes}
{cardigan-wet seal, top-vintage, belt-vintage, jeans-daisy fuentes, bag-h&m, shoes-forever 21}
Oh, the passing of time. It goes by so quickly! I had to actually write “post on blog” in my agenda! I’m so busy with ten million things. I never really understood it before when my mom would always say that.
Tomorrow is my 16th birthday. WHAT?! I’ve been counting down the days since day 69. It’s unbelievable. I will finally be able to drive {duh}, but also date! 🙂 I’ve looked forward to this day for forever! Can’t wait! Just got a bouquet of flowers in the mail! I’m truly sorry I never post. I really want to but have no time! I’ll keep trying!

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  1. Aww, happy sweet sixteen!! You look so cute; I love that top. Hope everything's going well with you! I know what you mean, it gets so hard to keep up with blogging. There's just so much that it entails!