too many things happening at once.

{top-vintage, jeans-Rogan via Yoox, wedges-urban outfitters}
After a week or so of no posting, I’m glad I finally can! I’ve felt so guilty that I haven’t! Last weekend, I had three show choir shows, then this week I had to practice and then perform a play I was in, and then I had end of course testing, and now this weekend I have Hairspray the Musical which I helped choreograph and now I do makeup and backstage crew stuff at nights. I’m so tired and my body has been doing crazy stuff cause I’m so stressed. BUT, thankfully after this weekend it will all be over there and in about two weeks-school will be done! YAY! 
So, I bought this awesome jeans from Yoox (they looked more coral online) and they are so fun! I’ve never had bright pants before! They’re kinda paint streaked and reddish/corally. I can’t wait to try out more stuff with them! What I love most is that I got them for $36 when they were originally $145! Wow! 
I’ve been focusing a lot lately on my etsy shop and I hope to keep on getting more and more stuff in! Go check out Tickle Your Peach and get 25% off with code: MOMMY25

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  1. Love this! The top is so cute, I always like tiny polka dots, and the pants are killer! What a great find. I've been wanting a pair of colored jeans; so many bloggers are rocking the colorblocking trend with them and I'm feeling like they're a must.

    You sound crazy busy. Good luck with everything, dear!

  2. Those pants are fabulous on you, I love them cropped with heels like that. You look great!

    Please take care of yourself when you have so much stuff happening. Stress can do a LOT of damage to your body even if it's only for a short time. Take some time to relax and unwind as much as you can. (I can't help it, I'm a mom, it's what we do, we worry.)

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