traveling like a broken boat.

{top-gap, belt-vintage, skirt-diy, shoes-thrifted}
Nope not London, Oklahoma of all places. I was on the OU campus for my cousin’s dental school graduation and there were telephone booths everywhere. My mom was like “oh we have to take some pictures by the telephones for your blog!”Oklahoma was interesting. I got to hang with my best friend and meet all of her new friends there. It was great! 
Absolutely love this outfit! The skirt was a dress that I cut to make a skirt which I love better. Unfortunately nothing else looks as good with this top, so I’ve been a repeat offender with this outfit. At school the entire year, I never one exact outfit more than once! It was a little thing I loved just recreating outfits over and over! ๐Ÿ™‚
Now, every morning I’m making a goal to do workouts I’ve found from Self Magazine and Seventeen Magazine. I’m trying to eat good and be super fit! Let’s see how that goes.

***Also, I found out about StyleMint
which Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are head of. They’re selling tees made by them amongst other things. Click here to sign up for the prelaunch.


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  1. You look too cute! Who knew they had red telephone booths in Oklahoma? Love it. I definitely have a few of those outfits that just have to be worn the same way. But they're feel-good outfits so I never mind re-wearing them!