Looking for a Unique Gift? Look No Further

mango belly subscription box

Are you stumped on what to get one of the ladies in your life? I’ve had a lot of people asking for gift ideas, so I thought I’d share a gift that is unique and fun and that I actually received for my birthday. It was honestly one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received. It’s called the Mango Belly Box. It’s comes cutely wrapped (which saves you time) and has not only cute goodies inside, but an experience.

Watch the quick video I made below of my friends opening it to sneak a peek of what’s inside. And then grab one for your friend/mom/sister and yourself.

subscription box open gift
mango belly subscription box christmas gift
silver pearl necklace tiffany blue
jewelry box sterling silver pearl necklace
pearl oyster dainty
experience mango belly box subscription pearlbelly box mail subscription christmas
Shop the Belly Box and more at mangobelly.com
Use LOVECHRISTMAS at checkout to get 80% off.

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