What A Drag

 First Photo Shoot: Outfit #2

photos by Jim Oberman
(romper/playsuit-vintage, shoes-ruffled venice sandals via fredflare, necklace-my mother’s vintage, bracelet-Australia, ring-Mexico, sunglasses-unknown)
So, for this outfit, I looked horrible in most of the pictures so I didn’t pick many and also because I was in love with more of the first and third outfits. I was shopping and I saw this romper/playsuit and I instantly fell in love with it. It was just different. I usually never really wear short things so it was different for me. I love those sandals from Fred Flare. I have had most of my purchases online from there. They have cute clothes and then quirky, random things. I really love all of your guys’ comments! You’re awesome! I created a new layout and header. What do you think?

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  1. I like the dress and you are doing well with these photos, I wonder why you did not post some…but even though I like this post!!!

    you look gorgeous without much make-up and just lovely wearing the dress…

    keep it up dear!!!

    will be following you on twitter to get updates from you…

    take care gorgeous!

  2. Just so everyone knows, Mckenzie is a very modest young lady and she was much more remarkable on this shoot than she gives herself credit for.
    I am the one who took the shots and I am so glad she liked them, most importantly, but that you like them as well. They are very good because of the subject of the shots, Mckenzie, and her alone.
    Her taste in fashion blew me away as well.