Who Do You Think You Are?

My clothes rack. I love it!
(shirt-Kohl’s, jeans-Behnaz Sarafpour x Target, shoes-via Fredflare, necklace-friend’s, bag-cheapo)
Ok, something is wrong with my editing on these pictures. Sorry for the horrible quality and noise. 
I felt very Marc by Marc Jacobs inspired. I loved it this week! Using the rack of clothes and seeing exactly just what I wanted to wear and pairing it up was very nice. I think this has been the most stylish week of my life, I truly wore what I put thought into and put together. Just loved it!!
I hate that school has started. Now, my blogging has been less creative. I need to brainstorm. And I have conversed with my father about a new camera. Hopefully the cards are stacked right..
What’s happening in my life besides school:
So, for show choir (which I’m in. I’ve never mentioned that before. It’s singing and dancing. We go compete in Feb. and March) this year our story, it’s like a series of music with a plot, in show choir is about good and evil. And there’s the one girl with this magic power that is trying to decide between good and evil. And so there is an angel and devil trying to woo her to their sides. Well, I got picked to be the Devil. Haha, it’s pretty awesome. I get to do a little rap.
This is last year’s show. Maybe you can find me. I’ve lost weight since then.

It’s pretty fun and this year’s show is going to be even better than last years. I’m rapping/talking on the song “One Night In Bangkok” from the musical, Chess.

Hope everyone is doing well! Sorry for not commenting back lately! I’ve been so busy!


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  1. Oh my gosh, that looks so fun! I wish we had a show choir when I was in school. I was always in choir and specialty groups but we didn't have a show choir. Wah.

    I love your clothes rack and I really love your curtains! They're great! Your room looks like so much fun, so girly. It's probably similar to what I would do…you know, if I wasn't married and my husband wouldn't protest. But I am. And he would. Loudly.

  2. Oh my goodness, you have a clothes rack? I have always been obsessed with those!

    You look lovely <3

  3. You little devil, you. Ha. That's so incredibly fun, and congrats on the part! Also, I haven't seen Chess yet! I really want to. I have the DVD of the concert on PBS in my Netflix queue. (I have this thing where I'm kind of a Grobanite. I can't help it, he's cute.)

    And I'm very in love with your clothes rack. I've always thought it would be so much more interesting to have all my clothes out like that. I always forget about things in the back of the closet.

  4. Wow lovely collection of clothes and shoes to wear…that is a great thing to do so that it won't take time for you to dress up…

    Just take your time hun, of course studies comes first…

    take care love

    I have a big thing happening in my blog check it out!