Why You Need to Know Your Worth & Ask For What You Deserve


Why do we shrink? Let ourselves play small instead of owning our space and being the one in charge of our lives? It’s recently come to my attention just how much we need to know our worth, so much that we feel it in our bones. And not only that, but to be able to ask for what we deserve.

I’ve always been the sugar-coater. The easygoing one. The compromiser. I always put others’ needs above my own and I basically allowed myself to be a doormat that read “Walk all over me.” I thought to serve others I had to forget about myself and my needs. That’s not right. I don’t need to play a small part in my life while everyone else takes the spotlight. And neither do you. I am sharing how to know your worth and what it looks like to ask for what you deserve because that is the way we will thrive and become our best selves.


You are enough just because you are living and breathing.


Know Your Worth
  • Your worth is not defined by the money you make, the clothes you wear, the weight on the scale, your job title, your education level, the mistakes you’ve made, none of it.
  • Waiting for the big break or achieving your goals is independent of your worth.
  • List out all of the amazing things about you.
  • Your worth is only defined by you. It is as simple as deciding you are worthy of success, love, and happiness.



Ask for What You Deserve
  • Leave a job where you’re under-appreciated
  • Ask for a raise
  • Stand up when someone doesn’t treat you right
  • Ask for more than the bare minimum
  • Speak your truth
  • Ask for help
  • Put it out into the universe what you want & believe you can get it
  • Go after your dreams because you are worthy of them


Be the most radiant beam of light just because you know you deserve to be. Get out there and go for what you want because you are worth success.


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